I wish I had nine lives

Nine tries to feel alive

To be satisfied with how

I spent my time


See, I find all these plans

And purposes and projects

But have to decide

Which have the best prospects


‘Cause one little life has

Limited time

And so, my darling,

I think I’ll take nine


In the first I’ll do

What they tell me to

I’d study for money

‘Till my big breakthrough


I’ll buy a great mansion

Handsome with things

We’ll lead a rich life

Treated like kings


Next with a packed

Rucksack on my back

I’ll travel the land

Immune to jet lag


From Pai to Rome

I’ll freely roam

Each place on earth

Will feel like home


In life number three

You might hear of me

I’ll perform on the stage

With my arts degree


I’ll sing and act

And live in abstract

Trying to make art

That has an impact


In four I’ll do more

For poor and the voiceless

A human rights lawyer

I’ll give them more choices


I’ll fight everyday

For their pay and their freedom

I’ll help bring justice

To where it is needed


When life five has begun

I’ll become a dumb bum

And live on the couch

On my mum’s income


I’ll eat what I like

Without any shame

I’ll live a full life

Through an RP game


In six I’ll fix up

An inn in the country

I’ll host day and night

To earn all my money


I’ll fill it with knick knacks

Have a horse out back

A quaint little stay

In my quaint little shack


In the lucky life

I’ll stretch and eat right

With thousands of views

On my yogi blog site


It’s a perfect life

Perfect look perfect weight

And everyone knows

Through the photos I’ll take


Life eight’s on the sea

On the search for good weather

Let the sun kiss my skin

‘Till I look like cooked leather


Sailing free through the world

My boat keeps me afloat

Any worries I have

Are about my ropes


And for nine I’ll be fine

With a simple sweet life

A mother of three

And my husband’s wife


I won’t ask for much

Just enough to buy tea

And for those that I love

To be near me




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