There are moments when

We lie in bed together

And you’re asleep

Without a peep

Except for that gentle deep

Deep sound of your



Going in and out and

In and out like a machine

Built only to remind me

That you’re still with me


That although your dreams

Have probably flown you

To a cliche far away play pen

With prettier girls and funnier men

Laughing at your jokes

Again and again,

Where there’s no time and no when

Where life is totally zen,


You’re still with me


Or maybe you’ve travelled

Down a dark, dark road

Where your deepest fears explode

Left and right and your chest

Is tight

As the voice of your mother

Is echoed through the night

And you scream

In your dream

Just to let out

Some steam

But in the midst of this dream


You’re still with me


And I have no way of knowing

Which one is going

On in your head as we share

The same bed

But darling your breath

Your beautiful breath

Oscillating and circulating

Next to my head

Unwinding me, reminding me

That you’re still with me


So I listen to each

Exhalation and inhalation

Building a personal oxygen equation

Learning how many seconds

You take up with each vibration


And with with adoration

I match your syncopation

‘Til our breaths go in and out

In and out in synchronization


So that, even in your far off palace

Or in your nightmare filled with malice

Here in this reality, in this dimension

You’re still with me

That much is true

But with our breaths matched together like this

You know that I’m with you too




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